Adult Education

SUNDAY mornings
9:30 a.m. in the Chapel

“DOWN + OUT: Where Grace Takes You” video series

Sun 4/3 • “UP/DOWN” (Justification and Vocation)
Justification and vocation, two ideas—at once simple and scandalous, easily grasped and easily forgotten—central to the biblical witness, but rediscovered by Martin Luther.

Sun 4/10 • “IN/OUT” (Congregation)
What differences do Luther’s insights, justification and vocation, down and out, make for Mountain View’s congregational life? What would it look like to turn a congregation inside out?

Sun 4/17 • “WANNA/GOTTA” (Community)
Grace takes us into our communities (neighborhoods, schools, Little League teams, etc.) in pursuit of the common good. Sometimes we want to serve, other times we simply have to serve, but either way God is working through us to sustain and renew the world.

Sun 4/24 • “CREATURE/CREATOR” (Workplace)
Grace takes us out into our daily work, be it paid or unpaid. Through our seemingly mundane daily activities, God is at work, renewing and sustaining creation.

Sun 5/1 • “SELF/OTHERS” (Home)
Grace takes us out into our homes, varied and complex though they may be. In the home, God is busy changing diapers and teaching forgiveness.

Sun 5/8 • “SPIRIT/FLESH”
God comes down and sends us out. In Jesus’ humanity, the incarnation, God dignified the tiny and often mundane details of creaturely existence. We cannot separate body and soul, flesh and spirit.