Capital Campaign

Former Things, New Things [Singing a New Song]

“See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare…”
—Isaiah 42:9a

“Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the end of the earth!”
—Isaiah 42:10a

As you look around Mountain View Lutheran Church, it is obvious things are happening. The most obvious, of course, is the construction of our new Fellowship and Administrative Building and the addition of Gathering Space to our sanctuary. Less obvious visually, but very obvious in our life together is that this new construction is driven by our desire to be a congregation grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ that reaches out into our community, welcomes newcomers, and is a place where long time members grow in their faith.


What Are We Building?

A new Fellowship and Administrative Building that will become a central feature of our campus. The new well-lit and open Fellowship Hall will be where we will gather for fellowship and for education. The adjoining kitchen will be twice the size of the former kitchen and will include commercial appliances and a separate dishwashing area. The Administrative Offices will provide space for both staff and volunteers. It will feature a prominent entrance and will be a central location for our staff on the campus.

Our dramatically expanded Gathering Space will change Sunday morning at Mountain View. Members and guests will have a space to gather for coffee and conversation as they transition from world to worship and back again. Everything will be on one level between the Gathering Space and the Fellowship and Administrative Building, so those with mobility issues will be able to easily go from one building to the other.


How Much Will It Cost?

The total cost of our new construction and paying off the remaining debt on the Education Building is $3,300,000. The exciting news is that commitments and gifts to Former Things, New Things already total $1,400,000. Our goal is to increase this number to $2,000,000 as we now complete the appeal. This will allow Mountain View to have a mortgage that is manageable and to have mortgage payments that do not negatively impact our ability to proclaim the gospel in Edgewood and beyond.


What Are We Asking of Our Members?

Every member of the church will be asked to prayerfully consider their participation in the Former Things, New Things.

  • If you have not yet made a commitment to the appeal, now is the time. Our hope is that every member of Mountain View will generously participate in Former Things, New Things as they are able.
  • If you have made a commitment to the appeal for giving over two or three years, you are encouraged to extend that commitment through January, 2019.
  • If you have already made a commitment through or beyond January, 2019, or have made a significant one-time gift, you are encouraged to reconsider your gift in light of the ongoing construction to see if you are able to do even more.


When Do I Make My Commitment?

Commitment Sunday is February 7, 2016. On that day, members and friends of Mountain View will have the opportunity to present their commitments during worship.


Give to “Former Things/New Things”

You can give to the mission and ministry of the “Former Things/New Things” Building Project HERE.