Building Project

Former Things, New Things [Singing a New Song]

“See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare…”
—Isaiah 42:9

“Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the end of the earth!”
—Isaiah 42:10a



At the Sunday 18 May 2014 congregational meeting, the congregation approved a motion To form a Building Committee to examine 1) remediation of mold and 2) replacement/rebuilding of the Administrative Offices and Fellowship Hall; establish objectives and explore options; and then make recommendations to the Church Council within 90 days.

An additional motion tasked the Church Council with appointing members of the Building Committee.

The members of the Building Committee worked diligently through the summer of 2014, presenting their recommendations to the Church Council, which in turn recommended the same to the congregation at a Sunday 07 September 2014 special meeting of the congregation.

Upon hearing those recommendations the congregation approved the following motion:
The congregation of Mountain View Lutheran Church, Edgewood, Washington, approves and supports, with its Mission and Vision statements as the primary consideration, the Council’s proposal to proceed with the design, development, and permitting phase of a building to replace the structure currently housing the Administrative Offices, Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Nursery, and other miscellaneous space, to demolish the existing building, and add a new Gathering Space adjacent to the existing Sanctuary. The congregation also approves spending of up to $350,000 for services outlined above, including fundraising/promotional expenses. The Council is authorized to obtain a loan for this purpose, if necessary. The remainder of funds set aside for purposes of a building project in 2008 will be used first.

Members of the Building Committee continued to serve as members of a new group, the Building Oversight Committee. During the fall they recruited and worked with MVLC focus groups to establish how the mission and vision of MVLC should influence the look and feel of the new spaces, worked with AustinCina Architects to create schematic designs, and met with the City of Edgewood to determine the scope of the project.

The Building Oversight Committee held information meetings to inform the congregation of current design drawings, while the Development Committee continued to engage members in conversation about participating in the capital campaign to fund the building project.

On Sunday 25 January 2015, a special meeting of the congregation was held. At that meeting, the following motion was passed:
• The congregation of Mountain View Lutheran Church, in order to fulfill our Mission and Vision, shall proceed with a building project to replace and enhance the Administrative/Fellowship building and add a new Gathering Space to the Sanctuary.
• The cost of the project is not to exceed $2.8 Million. Funding shall be provided through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, monetary contributions, gifts in kind, and volunteer labor. The existing debt on the Education building shall be refinanced and added to this cost ($393,000 as of 12/31/14).
• AustinCina Architects, and BPCI General contractor will be contracted for work to begin as soon as possible. The schematic plans as presented, shall provide a basis for developing detailed construction documents in keeping with our Mission and Vision (see above).


Building Oversight Committee

The work of the Building Committee was completed with the approval of the above motion, although most members continued on as the Building Oversight Committee. You can learn more about their work HERE.


Capital Campaign

The above motion also meant the need for a Capital Campaign to help raise funds to finance the project. You can learn more about the capital campaign HERE.